Business Model

1 Mineral resource base
and geological exploration

Ore (proved and probable reserves) mt 743 PGM PGM moz Taimyr Peninsula Kola Peninsula Trans-Baikal Territory Ni Nickel mt 6.5 118 Cu Copper mt 11.6

NornickelPublic Joint Stock Company "Mining and Metallurgical Company "Norilsk Nickel” and its subsidiariesGo to the glossary builds its unique mineral resource base by actively developing Tier I assets in Russia

The continued expansion of the resource base secures the CompanyPublic Joint Stock Company "Mining and Metallurgical Company "Norilsk Nickel"Go to the glossary’s long-term development

Geological exploration ensures sustainability and an optimal structure of mineral reserves

Reserves-to-production ratio years (JORC) >75

2 Metals mining
and production