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Physical and chemical characteristics
Latin name Argentum (Ag)
Group in Mendeleev's periodic table I
Atomic number 47
Atomic weight 107.8682
Description Metal of white color, malleable, plastic.
Density 10.5 g/sm3
Melting point t 961.9 °С
Chemical activity Silver chemically low-activity, at the resence of hydrogen sulphide blackens.

Silver is known from most ancient times. In process of development of commodity manufacture it, by virtue of the natural properties (uniformity, divisibility, a retentivity, portability), alongside with gold acted as the monetary goods, played a role of a universal equivalent i.e. money. With 16 and up to the end of 19 centuries prevailed in monetary circulation of the European countries. From the end of the 19th century the most of the countries has passed to gold monometallism. Silver remained as the currency in China, Iran, Afghanistan till 1930s. It is extracted mainly from complex ores, to a lesser degree from silver ores.

Safety Data sheet

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