Nornickel is Russia’s leading metals and mining company and the world’s largest high-grade nickel and palladium producer

No. 1 global
nickel producer

No. 1 global
palladium producer

No. 3 global
platinum producer

No. 4 global
rhodium producer

No.8 global
cobalt producer

No. 11 global
copper miner

The Company
also produces gold, silver, iridium, selenium, ruthenium, tellurium and sulphur

Our strategy is set to develop Tier-1 assets, upgrade existing capacities to boost performance and build new environmentally friendly and safe production facilities
Growth based on Tier-1 assets in Russia

Unlock the potential of Tier-1 assets, i.e. projects generating annual revenue of over USD 1 bn, EBITDA margin of more than 40% and reserves-to-production ratio of at least 20 years

Major upgrade of production capacities

Improve the cash cost profile, recovery rates and environmental performance

Social responsibility; health, safety and environment

Focus on the sustainable development of the Norilsk Industrial District through overall improvement of the living and working standards of employees

Our approach helps us unlock the unique potential of Nornickel’s assets, be a reliable partner for our customers from across the globe and ensure sustainable growth and long-term development of the Company
Key operations
  • Geological exploration
  • Production
  • Sales
  • R&D
Assets and projects
  • Polar Division
  • Bear Creek
  • Kola MMC
  • Bystrinsky GOK
  • Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta
  • Ancillary and support assets
Global outreach

We forge strategic partnerships in more than 37 countries delivering our products to 440 partner companies

We are strongly committed to sustainable development and take a consistent and well-balanced approach to our social policy
Employees and social policy
  • Highly professional and tight-knit team
  • Flexible social policy
Environmental and conservation initiatives
  • Efficient use of energy resources, reduction of emissions and conservation of biodiversity
Occupational safety
  • Favourable working conditions and occupational safety
  • Safe workplace behaviour
  • Increased responsibility of executives and other employees for ensuring operational health and safety
Local communities
  • Development of the Norilsk Industrial District
  • Support to the indigenous population
  • Investments in social infrastructure
  • Target relocation programmes