Bystrinsky Mining and Processing Plant introduces new transport and personnel positioning systems

The state-of-the-art system for monitoring mining machinery and personnel positioning will improve mining operations safety, ensure better coordination of rescue teams in emergencies, and enhance production process management.

Each unit of the plant’s mining machinery and auxiliary vehicles features advanced satellite monitoring equipment courtesy of SCOUT. The software uses GLONASS and GPS to more effectively navigate vehicles along routes, which reduces transport maintenance costs and downtime while increasing productivity. The system operates by constantly sending location coordinates and driving speeds to the control unit, where they are processed in real time to monitor fuel consumption, driving directions and vehicles’ positions relative to each other. The positioning accuracy is up to three metres. The system also gives personnel timely warnings of collision threats, possible vehicle/pedestrian accidents and proximity to hazardous zones.

In addition, personnel on mining sites are provided with radiocommunications systems and individual GPS tracking devices that continuously send location data to the control unit. Vitaly Bushel, head of the mine, says that positioning programmes make it possible to monitor the process of escorting personnel from hazardous areas in real time before drilling and blasting, and (if necessary) to determine the current location of people who failed to reach the safe assembly points in time.

Bystrinsky GOK will see further implementation of advanced technologies for production process monitoring. In 2018, the installation of industrial Wi-Fi networks will pave the way for launching an automatic control system for mining machinery. In addition, vehicles will be equipped with sensors giving real time data on each unit (including tyre wear, fuel level and road quality). This will help to objectively assess the performance of the plant’s services and effectively schedule repair and maintenance works.