Construction of parallel gas pipeline Pelyatka - North Soleninskoye was completed in Taimyr

Parallel gas pipeline Pelyatka — North Soleninskoye was put into pilot operation for start-up works. Additional 26-kilometer pipeline looping was laid in two stages. The first 15.5 km loop was successfully commissioned for pilot operation in December 2013.

To ensure timely delivery of materials and technical resources required for the construction, snow and ice road stretching for over 160 km was built in difficult weather conditions. Two MI-26 helicopters and more than 90 vehicles were engaged for cargo transportation. As a result, in a short time about 9,000 t of cargo were delivered to the operation area. Shift work round the clock was organized for more than 600 employees and contractors.

«Parallel gas pipeline ensures enhanced safety margin in terms of uninterrupted gas supply for power generating facilities even at the peak winter loads. In its turn, this will make it possible to go through this winter period and to get the required reserve for future work. According to rough estimates, the economic effect of this project for the company in two years will amount to RUB 6.5 bln.,» said Onik Aznauryan, Deputy General Director of MMCMining and Metallurgical CompanyGo to the glossary Norilsk Nickel for non-industrial and energy assets management.

Today Pelyatka gas condensate deposit is the main supplier of gas for operations located in Norilsk industrial area and Taimyr Dolgano-Nenets Municipal District.

As is known, in summer-autumn of 2013, the region faced the problem of low water level in water storage reservoirs of Ust-Khantayskaya and Kureyskaya HPP, as a result of which HHP located in Norilsk Industrial Area consumed more gas than usually.