Government of Tver region, OJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel and Zavidovo Development company sign a cooperation protocol

The document envisages socio-economic development of Tver region and implementation of social programs of Norilsk Nickel in Zavidovo territory. The basic lines of cooperation will be housing construction for the best professionals of Mining and Metallurgical CompanyPublic Joint Stock Company "Mining and Metallurgical Company "Norilsk Nickel"Go to the glossary, as well as a full scope of health and medication services for the employees and their families.

As Vladimir Potanin said, «Human resources are the main treasure and one of the powerful motors of successful development of the Company. Our social programs aim at more efficient effort of the employees and their incorporation into the production. Tver region and its socio-economic resources is an ideal match for corporate housing programs of the Company, whereas the Nature and climate here are favorable for northerners. The protocol is a practical example of state-private partnership brought to life».

In the opinion of Andrey Shevelev, governor of Tver region, «Zavidovo is our number one development project, our visiting card. We do already have here recreation and tourism zones, we erect comfortable habitation giving rise to more jobs. Our cooperation shall enhance the investment atmosphere of the region, thus increasing tax revenues to the budget, encouraging the territory’s progress and tourism».

«Zavidovo serves a good example of systemic and universal attitude towards the territory progress, it’s a full-scale social project — emphasized Sergey Bachin, chairman of the board of Zavidovo Development — We have already canalized USD 200 million to the infrastructure. The Norilsk Nickel employees may count on the whole range of social services in one geographic area. A national nature reserve, the Moscow sea and Upper Volga are all close by. Zavidovo meets all the requirements of the Company as to habitation, recreation , rehabilitation and medication facilities for its employees».