Kola MMC Completely Abandons Outdated Raw Material Preparation Technology

Kola MMCMining and Metallurgical CompanyPublic Joint Stock Company "Mining and Metallurgical Company "Norilsk Nickel"Go to the glossaryGo to the glossary (subsidiary of MMC Norilsk Nickel) has decommissioned the pelletizing and roasting sector (PRS), in effect abandoning the obsolete technology used since 1960s and shifting to copper-nickel concentrate briquetting. Kola MMCKola Mining and Metallurgical CompanyGo to the glossary completed this work in line with Metallurgical Production Facilities Revamping Program, specifically to improve the Company’s environmental performance.

The shutdown of the roasting area required major capital expenditures from the Company and well-coordinated work of various units and services. For instance, in six months two Larox press-filters went through disassembly and moved to the briquetting area. Currently, cleaning activities are in progress inside the PRS building, where any usable equipment will go through a dismantling process followed by a transfer to other divisions of Kola MMC.

Now, the preparation of copper-nickel concentrate for smelting will take place entirely within the briquetting area. A special action program is developed and implemented to put the equipment into operation under design conditions.

The Company is changing the feed preparation technology with this project to improve the environmental conditions in Zapolyarny. A modern, environmentally friendly, and efficient production process has cut SO2 emissions from 42 ktpa to 1.4 ktpa (excluding Thermal Power Station). This way, the Company has ensured the environmental safety for the municipality, in full compliance with the Russian environmental legislation.