Kola MMC to introduce new methods of work in occupational safety and health

Kola MMCMining and Metallurgical CompanyGo to the glossary (a subsidiary of MMC Norilsk Nickel) completed the installation of simulators for training the use of protection equipment against fall from height. They are installed on Monchegorsk and Zapolyarny industrial sites.

Each simulator represents a four-meter steel structure with multiple platforms, equipped with safety and emergency equipment, as well as anchor lines and unique attachment points. Stands can simulate the maximum possible number of types of work carried out at height, work on lifting skills, skills of descending and evacuation from heights, moving on metal structures, etc. All employees of Kola MMCKola Mining and Metallurgical CompanyGo to the glossary who perform works at height will be trained on simulators.

According to Anton Oleynikov, Deputy Head of the Department of Industrial Safety, Head of Labor Protection Service of KGMK, fall from height is a common cause of accidents at work, and the new stand will make it possible to focus on practical training.

It is expected that in the future employees of contractors carrying out their activities on the territory of Kola MMC will also be trained on simulators. Acquisition and installation of simulators meets the requirements of the new corporate standards of industrial safety, which are currently implemented by MMC Norilsk Nickel.