Lenta.ru and MMC Norilsk Nickel Launch 69th Parallel Project

Lenta.ru web-based publication supported by Norilsk Nickel has launched project 69th Parallel, a public journalistic resource devoted to industrial exploration and social development of the Artic region. The project is highly pertinent due to high importance of the northern territories for the country and high public interest in the local happenings.

Over the course of 80 years Norilsk Nickel has operated in two arctic regions, i.e. Krasnoyarsk Krai and Murmansk Region located in the Taimyr and the Kola peninsulas, accordingly, and has accumulated substantial experience in implementing projects in arctic conditions, beyond the 69th Northern Parallel.

69th Parallel will become a full-fledged component of the Russia section targeted at all audiences: federal and local residents. The project will tackle varying thematic content social and public, industrial, economic, scientific, and tourism. Science and history essays will likewise appear in the project. That way readers of Lenta.ru will have an opportunity to learn of different stages of discovery and exploration in the region, notable pioneers, scientific data and stages of development of the domestic industry, not widely-known by the general population.

“Over many years Norilsk Nickel has built a unique experience working in the Arctic region. This path is built on various stages and has answers to a lot of questions. The CompanyPublic Joint Stock Company "Mining and Metallurgical Company "Norilsk Nickel"Go to the glossary’s knowledge relates to technological development, exploration of mineral resources in the polar region, as well as social issues, construction and development of infrastructure, improving quality of life and supporting social stability. The Arctic North has a global potential with a significant chunk of Russia’s territory lying there, that’s why it’s vital to know what the day-to-day and development of those regions are like,” said Larisa Zelkova, VP Norilsk Nickel.

Aside from the general awareness goals the 69th Parallel Project brings an educational component: it will becomes the first public space for regional journalists to learn how to manage content of a federal web publication a will import those technologies. Lenta.ru journalists will hold workshops for regional media.

“We are happy to provide information-management technology used by federal media to our regional colleagues, so that they can adopt a new way of managing information: gathering, processing and bringing it to target audiences,” said Alexander Belonovsky, Editor-in-Chief with Lenta.ru.