Mining facilities of Nornickel's Polar Division to refresh their special-purpose machinery fleet

In 2018, the mining facilities of NornickelPublic Joint Stock Company "Mining and Metallurgical Company "Norilsk Nickel” and its subsidiariesGo to the glossary’s Polar Division are set to receive 55 new units of various special-purpose mining machines worth some RUB 1.6 bn.

Slated for refresh are the fleets of self-propelled diesel vehicles at all of Polar Division’s mining facilities. The greatest part of the new machinery will go to Komsomolsky (17 units), Taimyrsky (13 units), Mayak (10 units), Oktyabrsky (7 units), Kayerkansky (6 units) and Zapolyarny (2 units) mines, with the total cost of investments standing at RUB 1.6 bn.

The purchased machinery includes self-propelled drilling rigs, load-haul dumpers, scaling equipment, underground trucks, mine buses and auxiliary equipment.

Among the machines deserving a special mention are self-propelled roof bolters purchased to ensure better rock bolting at the Division’s facilities. Another piece of noteworthy equipment is a small load-haul dumper used to clean sumps (lower parts of shafts). Thanks to its small size, the dumper fits into the cage, and there is no need for dismantling it. Hence, greater flexibility and a higher utilisation rate. There are also five new vehicles to transport engineering staff around the mines increasing the mobility of line personnel to ensure more efficient production oversight and quicker response.

Another unique piece of equipment is a load-haul dumper (LHD) with enhanced power and load capacity purchased to serve the needs of Kayerkansky’s Anhydride mine. Regular LHDs used at Polar Division’s mining facilities have a load capacity of 14 tonnes, bucket size of 4.8 m3 and engine power of ca. 320 hp, whereas the new machine boasts a load capacity of 18 tonnes, bucket size of 8.8 m3 and engine power of 400 hp. In addition to the standard features, the LHD is equipped with new electronic systems designed to improve the vehicle’s safety and operability. It will be the most powerful machine of this type and class deployed at the mining facilities of Polar Division and across Russia.

All the equipment was constructed in line with the design and technical specifications developed by the engineers of Polar Division with due account for the local mining requirements based on their extensive hands-on experience of operating similar machines. The new equipment is supplied by such renowned manufacturers as Atlas Copco (Switzerland), Caterpillar (USA), Sandvik, Normet (Finland) and others, which ensures its high quality and reliability.

In 2017, the mining facilities received 65 units of self-propelled equipment worth some RUB 2.6 bn. As a result, the mining facilities of Nornickel’s Polar Division currently operate over 580 units of self-propelled diesel vehicles.