New mineral discovered in Norilsk

Genplesite or aqueous calcium and tin hydrosulfate was discovered in chalcopyrite ore at the CompanyPublic Joint Stock Company "Mining and Metallurgical Company "Norilsk Nickel"Go to the glossary’s Oktyabrsky mine. The mineral was spotted by the mine’s deputy head surveyor, Gennadiy Plesin, in whose honor it was subsequently named.

Genplesite is the thirtieth mineral discovered in Norilsk Industrial Region over the last 75 years and the third such discovery by Gennadiy Plesin. In 2011 Gennadiy found two previously unknown minerals: ferrotochilinite and ferrovalleriite. All discoveries were studied by Moscow State Mining University and officially confirmed by the International Commission on New MineA mining location for the extraction of ores.Go to the glossaryrals, Nomenclature and Classification.

Gennadiy Plesin has been a surveyor at the mine for 27 years. He first became interested in geological disciplines as a child when both his father and his grandfather worked for a gold mining company in Zabaikalsky Krai. However since no geology major was offered at that time in Chita Mining Institute Gennadiy received a degree in surveying with geology still his favorite hobby. Over the years Gennadiy managed to accumulate an exceptional collection of minerals in Norilsk, which he later gave away to his friends, Talnakh museum and the mining museum at his alma mater. Now Gennadiy is mostly interested in collecting various rare crystal samples, which proves fruitful – he discovered three new minerals over the last three years.