Norilsk Nickel increases tax payments

May 2, 2012, Moscow — OJSC MMCMining and Metallurgical CompanyPublic Joint Stock Company "Mining and Metallurgical Company "Norilsk Nickel"Go to the glossaryGo to the glossary Norilsk Nickel (hereinafter — MMC Norilsk Nickel, the Company, or the GroupPublic Joint Stock Company "Mining and Metallurgical Company "Norilsk Nickel” and its subsidiariesGo to the glossary) informs on its activities relating to social and economic development of territories where main production assets of the Company are located.

MMC Norilsk Nickel is a important contributor to social and economic development of the Company habitat territories. The Group is a major tax payer and employer, and the majority of the Group’s companies are principal employers and mainstay of entire towns.

MMC Norilsk Nickel is registered in the Russian Federation, and holds its core business there. Therefore, the Company pays all taxes in Russia and contributes heavily to the development of regional economy. In 2011, the Group paid a total of about RUB 100 billion of taxes to the budgets of all levels.

In 2011, Norilsk Nickel Group paid almost RUB 43.5 billion (in form of taxes) to the consolidated budget of Krasnoyarsk Region. That is 3.5% more than in 2010. Tax payments of the Company comprised 30% of all tax revenues to the budget of Krasnoyarsk Territory. Norilsk municipal entity received RUB 7.5 billion from these funds, and Taimyr (Dolgano-Nenets) municipal district — RUB 0.28 billion.

Murmansk Transport Division and Kola MMCKola Mining and Metallurgical CompanyGo to the glossary transferred in total over RUB 10 billion of taxes to the consolidated budget of Murmansk Region in 2011. Taken together, taxes from the Group’s companies made about a third of the total consolidated budget of Murmansk Region.

The Company transferred about RUB 30 billion (RUB 16.3 billion in 2010) of taxes to the federal budget. Furthermore, the Company paid a total of RUB 11.4 billion of insurance contribution to the state non-budgetary funds, which is 4 times more than in 2010.

The Company’s contribution into social and economic development within its areas of operation is also provided in the form of public-private partnership, support of significant social projects and programs implemented by the federal and local government structures.

PJSC “MMC “NORILSK NICKEL” is a diversified mining and metallurgical company, the world’s largest producer of refined nickel and palladium and a leading producer of platinum, cobalt, copper and rhodium. The company also produces gold, silver, iridium, selenium, ruthenium and tellurium.

The production units of “NORILSK NICKEL” Group include Polar Division, located at the Norilsk Industrial District on Taimyr Peninsula, and Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company located on the Kola Peninsula in Russia as well as Harjavalta nickel refinery in Finland.

PJSC “MMC “NORILSK NICKEL” shares are listed on the Moscow and on the Saint-Petersburg Stock Exchanges. PJSC “MMC “NORILSK NICKEL” ADRAmerican Depositary Receipt; a security representing partial ownership in deposited securities of a foreign company certified by receipts issued by a US depositary bankGo to the glossarys trade over the counter in the US and on the London and Berlin Stock Exchanges.