Norilsk Nickel’s team at the International Research and Practice Conference: Mining in the 21st Century. Technology, Science, Education

Norilsk Nickel’s team takes part in the International Research and Practice Conference: Mining in the 21st Century. Technology, Science, Education.

MMCMining and Metallurgical CompanyGo to the glossary Norilsk Nickel is the title partner of the International Research and Practice Conference: Mining in the 21st Century. Technology, Science, Education, taking place this week in Saint Petersburg. The conference was organized by the National MineA mining location for the extraction of ores.Go to the glossaryral Resources (Mining) University and is dedicated to 110th anniversary of its mining school.

The conference was attended by virtually all Russian mining majors, engineering companies, mining universities and think tanks, as well as representatives of European mining companies. On behalf of MMC Norilsk Nickel production team members, company HR officers and employees of Gipronickel Institute delivered reports at the plenary sessions.

The conference offered a unique opportunity for mining specialists to share research and experience of efficient and safe mining of minerals, R&D support of innovations and building up new mining professionals. According to Vladimir Bruev, Director of Norilsk Nickel Technical Department. Who spoke at the opening ceremony: “The mining majors are going through a rough business period. Faced with that, we have to clearly have the challenges in mind. Having access to new technologies, we must evaluate them correctly to apply them in a most efficient manner that achieves our strategy goals”.

During the conference participants spoke of Russia’s immense minerals potential, which is sufficient to support the economy and export shipments in terms of major minerals for hundreds of years. Despite the tense international climate, unfavorable market and pressure from low prices the minerals industry still is the backbone of Russia’s economy and is capable of remaining the main growth driver.

“Students and graduates of the Mining University should be called ‘Mr. Engineer’. From their freshman year the students here learn the culture of the profession, its elite status. All students wear uniforms. The graduates from here come to work for us and bring the most valuable they can: rich traditions and high culture which they learn here. We would very much like more graduates from this prestigious university to come to Norilsk”, said Bella Akhmadova, Head of Norilsk Nickel Recruitment and Monitoring Office.