Nornickel's comment on car park incident near NMP

A car park near the office and personnel facilities of Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant (NMP) was coloured brown.

The colouring was traced back to the debris that had been brought there by wind after being gathered on the roof of the hydrometallurgical section of Elemental Sulphur Shop 1 (“HMS” and “ESS 1”, respectively). The rufous substance was accumulated because of decades-old spills from a slurry process pipeline (replaced in 2016) that is located in close proximity to the roof.

The material was collected from the entire roof and prepared for removal on 5 July 2018.

On the morning of 3 July 2018, a gust of wind picked up the debris and carried it all the way to the car park. The rain that followed exacerbated the situation, hence the colouring.

It was a one-off incident as no other areas except for the car park were affected.

The substance is currently being removed from the ESS 1 roof, and the car park has been cleaned up.

NMP’s management sincerely apologises to the car owners.