One of the five shops of Nickel Plant, the Sinter Shop was shut down in Norilsk.

The shutdown is a step in the comprehensive plan to close up the obsolete nickel production facilities and move the feed to other sites. Nickel Plant, in operation since 1942, is located within the city limits and negatively impacts the environment.

“Last year Nickel Plant emitted 340 thousand tonnes of sulfur dioxide, half of which, fifty percent came from the sinter shop, — said Vladislav Lyubeznykh, Acting Director of the Nickel Plant. — That is why a shutdown of the Sinter Shop is a noteworthy event for the whole city”. Disassembly of the main process equipment is next on the agenda followed by removal of the remaining metal-bearing products, all of it handled by Norilsknickelremont LLC.

This task is scheduled for completion by the end of the year. At the day of the shutdown the sinter shop was staffed with 181 persons, of which 23 will retire under the Veterans of Metallurgy program, designed specifically for Nickel Plant staff, another 20 will quit and move to different regions in Russia, and the rest will be hired by various enterprises of the Polar Division.

The majority has already moved to Norilsk Concentrator Plant, which was expanded with a condensing section, formerly part of the sinter shop, which pumps concentrate to Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant. Sinter operator is a unique profession for Norilsk Nickel, which is why the migrated staff had to go through a retraining at the Norilsk Nickel Corporate University before joining other enterprises of the Polar Division.

By July 01, 2016 the smelter and roast shops will likewise shut down. By September 2016 the Nickel Plant will have completely left completely left the Polar Division process chain.