OSCE to support Nornickel’s initiatives in global cybersecurity

Dmitry Grigoryev, Head of Information Security and IT Infrastructure at NornickelPublic Joint Stock Company "Mining and Metallurgical Company "Norilsk Nickel” and its subsidiariesGo to the glossary, took part in the international cybersecurity conference in Rome organised by the Italian OSCE Chairmanship.

Mr Grigoryev highlighted the need for a consolidated and, if possible, non-politicised response to cyber threats. „Today, a large company in seen as a business unit with a social and cultural impact on its regions of operation. Nornickel implements ambitious social projects, such as a 1,000-kilometre high-speed fiber optic line beyond the Arctic Circle which gave the residents of the Norilsk Industrial District broadband access to internet and multiple online services. Hence, we place a stronger emphasis on the security of corporate units involved in business processes and social projects,” he said.

Nornickel has developed the Information Security Charter for Critical Industrial Facilities signed by the leading Russian сompanies. The signees voluntarily decline to participate in any actions that may have a negative impact on national economies. The document was supported by the participants of the Partnership of the Government, Civil Society and Business in International Information Security (Davos Digital) forum held in Germany this spring.

Francesco Talo, cybersecurity coordinator with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, pointed out that global cybersecurity had taken centre stage in the EU organisations’ agenda. This makes the input of the business community as important as that of lawyers and information security experts. „We want to learn from the experience of various nations, including Russia,” says Ben Hiller, the OSCE Cyber Security Officer.

Approved by the conference participants, the Charter was submitted to the OSCE Secretariat for review as part of proposals for combating cyber threats and attacks on information infrastructure.

„I think this is a chance for all of us to consolidate our efforts in fighting cyber threats for the sake of public well-being, peace and stability,” Dmitry Grigoryev concluded.