Starts overhaul of flash smelting furnace at Nadezhda metallurgical plant in Norilsk

Flash SmeltingA pyrometallurgical process performed at high temperatures enabling the complete melting down of the processed material.Go to the glossary Furnace No.2 (FSF-2) has already been stopped for overhaul. In the next two months it will be completely disassembled and refurbished from new units. In fact, there will be a new furnace: 80% of its elements will be completely replaced; 20% will undergo capital repair.

After the reconstruction it will take 15 days for the furnace to warm up, then it will start operating at full capacity. All this time, FSF-1 will work with an increased load for the plant to implement the production plan.

Fundamentally, the operation of FSF-2 will not change after the reconstruction. The furnace will still produce 230 t of matte per hour. But it will be able to process feed slightly different in composition. Furthermore, it will become more reliable, with turnaround time increased. The design of the furnace will undergo about 15 changes that will improve working conditions and the quality of the products.

FSF-2 is one of the two smelting units of Nadezhda metallurgical plant named after B.I. Kolesnikov. The furnace is designed to smelt nickel concentrate. The size of the unit is comparable to a nine-storey building with 32 m in height, 30 m in length and 10 m in width.

Reconstruction of the furnace is carried out by Norilsknickelremont LLC with 450 workers involved in disassembly and reassembly on a daily basis. Furnace overhaul will take 60 days.