Successful Selection of Contractor for Supply and Installation of Active Equipment for FOCL Construction in Norilsk

Upon completion of the open tendering procedure, MMCMining and Metallurgical CompanyGo to the glossary Norilsk Nickel has picked the contractor for supply and installation of communication equipment required for developing the transportation network and outfitting the backup area with radio-link communication across the Yenisei River, as part of the project involving the construction of fiber-optic communication line (FOCL) from Novy Urengoy to Norilsk. ADV Consulting, with its engineering solution based on Alcatel-Lucent (now, Nokia’s subdivision) equipment, won the tender.

ADV Consulting will supply the communication equipment to be installed at eight network nodes being under construction along the highway from Norilsk to Novy Urengoy in line with the project. This includes the dense wavelength division multiplexed equipment (DWDM), assess equipment (commutators and routers), and radio-relay equipment.

Furthermore, the contractor will supply container units for five communications hubs (Rayonnaya, Igarka, Vankor, Sidorovsk, and Novy Urebgoy) and engineering systems for network nodes construction in existing premises (Ust-Khantayskaya hydropower station, Priluki, Limbyayakha), install this equipment and connect it to power supply sources.