The modernization of Vanukov Furnace No.3 automation system at Copper Plant is under completion

April 2, 2013 — testing of new Vanukov Furnace No.3 automation system (intelligent information management system) was completed in Q1 2013 at the Copper Plant. It will result in increased cuprous feed smelting efficiency, allow smelting of industrial waste products, stabilize matte quality, reduce precious metals losses and reduce natural gas and oxygen consumption.

System is supplied as addition to existing furnace automation structure or as an extension of its functional and information capabilities effective in real time during smelting process.

Dmitriy Luzhkov, deputy head of production operations automation branch of the IT department of the Polar Division, noted that: «with the help of developed mathematical models the system is able to calculate a number of key parameters of the process which are impossible to determine using standard measurements. For example, the system assesses the quality of loaded product, temperature in the reaction area of the surface and consistency of physical and chemical processes in the liquid bath».

Commissioning of the system is planned for Q2 2013. According to Dmitry Luzhkov, its operation will reveal further need to implement such solutions at other facilities.

Vanukov Furnace No.3 was commissioned in 1987, currently two of such units are in operation at the Copper Plant.