The Polar Branch renews its fleet of warehouse machines and equipment

New cargo handling machines arrive at Norilsk Nickel’s Polar Branch.

The Branch carries out a major upgrade of its three-story warehouse facility, with a replacement of warehouse machines and equipment and purchases of hoisting machines within the project of Upgrade of the Integrated Storage Facilities enterprise (ISFE). 31 loaders have been purchased in total.

Moreover, new machines have been delivered to ISFE division located at the Dudinka Port to speed up handling of cargoes that arrive at the Polar Transport Branch.

One of the new machines is a Hyster 45-ton loader designed to handle containers, tows, oversize cargoes and to carry out loading operations in industrial conditions.

The use of the new loader will significantly increase quality and speed of cargo handling operations. Its multifunction design allows operating in restricted areas and transport heavy cargoes, capture and move 20 and 40 feet containers. The machine is equivalent to both a bridge crane and a diesel loader with a lifting capacity of up to 33 tons. Its boom length enables stacking up to five levels of containers versus the facility’s current maximum of two levels.

The upgrade allowed speeding up handling of arriving cargoes, optimizing placement of oversize cargoes and increasing cargo handling safety.

The Integrated Storage Facilities is a company supplying materials and equipment to all production units of the Polar Branch, subsidiaries and outside companies of the Norilsk industrial region. ISFE’s annual cargo turnover averages to 1.2 mln tons, while its annual commodity turnover amounts to 66 bln rubles. In 2015, the cargo turnover reached almost 100 bln rubles with the cargo turnover unchanged.