Ust-Khantaiskaya HPP has launched comprehensive tests of a new hydraulic generator

On November 20, Ust-Khantaiskaya HPP, one of the key divisions of Norilsk Taimyr Energy CompanyPublic Joint Stock Company "Mining and Metallurgical Company "Norilsk Nickel"Go to the glossary (NTEK) started testing of a new hydraulic generator. Its replacement was made possible as a result of the successful implementation of the first phase of a large-scale project on modernization of hydroelectric power plants. In six years, seven hydropower units are to be replaced, the total cost of the project amounts to RUB 7.4 billion.

Ust-Khantaiskaya HPP is one of the most northern heat power plants in the world and is represented by underground hydraulic unit: the computer room is located in the body of the rock. The turbine itself goes down to a depth of 60 m. The length of hydroelectric dams is nearly 5 km. As a result of the reconstruction of the plant, the capacity will increase by 50 MW. Onik Aznauryan, Vice-President of Norilsk Nickel, Head of Non-Production Assets Unit estimates this event as a strategic one, aiming to improve the reliability and efficiency of the fuel and energy complex of the company.

“Norilsk Nickel’s strategy clearly defines the main vectors of industrial development of the company. For their successful implementation requires appropriate conditions to be ensured by energy complex. Today, the first time in ten years, Norilsk Nickel developed a unified, balanced development strategy for the fuel and energy complex. The need for its adoption is dictated by the new global strategy of the company, based primarily on the development of its key, Tier 1 assets. The urgency of the energy strategy is revealed in Norilsk Nickel’s large-scale investments in the energy sector”, emphasizes Onik Aznauryan.

One of the key Energy strategy projects, the replacement of all hydraulic units of Ust-Khantaiskaya hydroelectric power, is unique. It is the most ambitious project, which is now implemented by energy unit, states Sergey Lipin, General Director of NTPC. The project is implemented under the existing production and is incredibly complicated, especially because of the nature of HPP. In addition, the new radial-axial turbine is of a more modern type. This transition from one type of turbines to another is a unique experience of hydraulic turbines construction used on a global scale, note representatives of Tyazhmash, the general contractor of the project.

Experts estimate the launch of a new hydraulic unit and generally large-scale projects for the reconstruction of Ust-Hayntayskaya HPP as a landmark event for power industry throughout Russia, especially in today’s economic and market conditions. It is symbolic that the launch of the turbine coincided with the date of HPP launch, 45 years ago, on November 20, the first HHP’s hydroelectric turbine was put into operation.