‘We Are the City!’ Forum to go phygital

The 7th annual social technologies forum ‘We Are the City!’ will be held on 27 March in four Russian cities: Monchegorsk, Norilsk, Nikel, and Chita. The forum will focus on the transformation of social reality. The pandemic tapered charity as the world faced challenges and issues that called for immediate attention. The event will become a venue to discuss the COVID-19 ramifications, current trends, and the need for partnership in the new reality.

Russian experts will help understand what the post-pandemic world is all about and how to interact in the new social reality. Our speakers will include: Sergey Pereslegin, futurist and sociologist, head of Designing the Future and Knowledge Reactor research groups, Ekaterina Cherkes-zade, director of Universal University, Vadim Kalukhov, partner at Founder Power Ventures (FPV), Olga Evdokimova, director of Evolution and Philanthropy, board member at the Association of Specialists in Programme and Policy Evaluation, Irina Garth, head of Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs at IBM Russia/CIS, Anna Victoria Gorman, expert in strategy communications and social media, consultant at todogood, Sergey Zverkov, chairman of the Creative Class Association of Yugra.

The uniform programme developed for all cities includes various forms of interaction. Futurist Sergey Pereslegin will be speaking on whether the world will be the same post the coronavirus pandemic and how its consequences will affect our lives. Roman Karmanov, General Director of the Komsomolskaya Pravda Publishing House and anchor of the Volunteer radio programme, will be asking questions.

The poTRENDim (Talking Trends) talk show will help understand the new social reality trends. Our guests will be answering serious, prankish and thorny questions asked by Larisa Rudakova, CEO of MediaLine Communication GroupPublic Joint Stock Company "Mining and Metallurgical Company "Norilsk Nickel” and its subsidiariesGo to the glossary and chairman of the InterComm Award steering committee, and Ilona Nevinskaya, PhD in Philology, media expert and producer of educational projects.

Then participants will choose to go online or offline. Offline participants in Norilsk, Monchegorsk, Nikel and Chita will join experts to discuss hands-on experiences and enablers of the social reality trends. Online participants will explore these issues through the SkillTime business team game.

The Transformation stand-up show will focus on takeaways from the pandemic and will feature sparkling performances by Lilia Panko (Norilsk), Darya Antsiferova (Chita), Alexander Ovchinnikov (Monchegorsk), and Inna Chugunova (Zapolyarny).

Another highlight of the forum will be the Hearty Talk about charity. The participants will include Ingeborga Dapkunaite, actress and co-chair of board of trustees at VERA Hospice Charity Fund, and Alexander Tsypkin, well-known Russian writer and publicist.

Pets will not go unnoticed either. Their moment of glory will come with the ZOOm-break flash mob, where participants will be able to bring their pets into the live stream. This will add some levity to the event, while also reminding us of our responsibility for animals whose lives also changed during the pandemic.

The phygital format will enable hundreds of activists to stay connected in real time, regardless of their location or occupation, while the Telebridge from different studios will unite participants from the west to the east. Prior registration is required for participation in the forum: https://nncharity.ru/gorod-eto-my

More details are provided in social media groups (in Russian):

Instagram: https://instagram.com/gorod.eto.my

Norilsk: https://vk.com/norilsk_eto_my

Monchegorsk: https://vk.com/gorod_eto_my

Chita: https://vk.com/chitapiknik

For reference:

The social technologies forum is part of NornickelPublic Joint Stock Company "Mining and Metallurgical Company "Norilsk Nickel” and its subsidiariesGo to the glossary’s World of New Opportunities charitable programme. The annual event is supported by the municipal administrations of Norilsk and the Murmansk Region. In 2021, the forum will be held offline in Chita for the first time and also streamed online. It brings together experts and around 1,500 people in each region to discuss events that play a big part in the life of cities, along with sharing experience and effective social technologies.