Local communities

Norilsk Nickel will continue to be an investor in social infrastructure and human capital
Larisa Zelkova Larisa Zelkova,
Senior Vice-President — HR,
Social Policy and Public Relations

Nornickel is one of the major employers and taxpayers in Russia. The Company makes a significant contribution to the development of local communities by implementing a range of social programmes that address current and potential future issues

Larisa Zelkova,
Senior Vice-President — HR,
Social Policy and Public Relations

Long-term goals

Nornickel is an investor in social infrastructure and human capital. Constant improvements in the quality of life of the Company’s employees and their family members is one of the main cornerstone of our corporate strategy.

Large-scale social results

72,319 employees Norilsk Nickel GroupPublic Joint Stock Company "Mining and Metallurgical Company "Norilsk Nickel” and its subsidiariesGo to the glossary’s average headcount (as of 2020)
1,827 USD average monthly pay in 20201
500 mln USD financing of social, charitable and social infrastructure programmes in 2020
9 bn RUB financing of resettlement programs since 2011
2,400 bn USD paid to budgets of various levels2
640 social projects funded since 2014 as part of the World of New Opportunities programme

1 Equivalent to RUB 130 000

2 Equivalent to RUB 176 bn, tax and non—tax payments include all taxes paid, net of VAT and dividend income tax, as well as insurance payments and customs duties.

Social Investments

  • Supporting local infrastructure and construction of new facilities (airport, roads, city buildings, sport facilities, fiber-optic high speed internet to Norilsk)
  • Relocation programme: relocation from Norilsk to Russia’s «mainland»
  • Strong legacy engagement and support of indigenous people
  • Support of regional healthcare infrastructure and local communities through COVID-19 epidemic
  • Volunteers — supporting various initiatives (the Plant of Goodness corporate volunteer programme)
  • Engagement with government on social initiatives

Social Support of Employees

  • Health and vacations: compensation of travel expenses and accommodation in resorts
  • Housing: co-investment of home purchase
  • Pension plans: co-funded pension plan
  • Sports: support of amateur sports
  • Housing co-investment of home purchase
  • Support of regional healthcare infrastructure (project Corporate medicine)

Sponsorship & Charity

  • Charity: World of New Opportunities programme
  • Sponsorships: Rosa Khutor Ski Resort, Russian Olympic Committee, TSKA Professional Basketball Club, International University Sports Federation and etc.
  • Ad hoc support Regional healthcare, fight with coronavirus

Social Partnership

  • № 1 rated employer among Top-50 largest by Forbes-Russia
  • Collective bargaining agreement: 94% of the Group’s employees (in 2020)
  • Linking annual salaries revision to domestic CPI
  • Social and labour councils 78% of the total headcount across the Group (in 2020)